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     So you want proof that The Healing Codes work?  Just send for a sample Healing Code designed to specifically eliminate stress caused by external circumstances -- for free.  

     Although The Healing Codes primarily eliminate destructive cellular memories (internal stress), Dr. Alex Loyd has designed a specific Healing Code called The 6-Minute Antidote to Stress, which gets rid of the harmful -- and often DEADLY -- effects of external stress -- such as ... 
a job you hate, a demanding boss, messy relationships, stacks of unpaid bills, tight deadlines or the economic recession.

     The 6-Minute Antidote to Stress features a Healing Code that will help neutralize everyday stress, and show you how to be instantly rejuvenated and revitalized so you can function more effectively throughout the day, have a better outlook on life, have more restful sleep at night, and enjoy better health.

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