Medical Doctor stricken disease with no known cure
unearths secret "Healing Codes"... and heals himself!

"For the 1st Time Ever Experience The Healing Codes... With More Power Than Ever..."

"The "Q Codes" are the biggest breakthrough in "The Healing Codes" since the discovery of the codes themselves".
Dr. Alex Loyd

Over the last 2 years and 3 months hundreds of people from all over the world have reported healing from A-Z, from Lou Gehrig¹s Disease, to depression, to poison ivy after doing "The Healing Codes".

Knowledgeable, scientific, famous, and many just normal folks like you and me, have declared "The Healing Codes". to be the ultimate solution after years of searching. In other words, "The Healing Codes" appear to be a whole new paradigm of PERSONAL POWER.

Well, we are upping the ante BIG TIME!

A new discovery that we will teach you over a single weekend allows you to experience "The Healing Codes" at many times the power that has healed hundreds of people from Toledo to Toronto, from New Zealand to New York. These codes take less than 30 seconds to do.
(Warning – For the foreseeable future, the size of these programs is limited to forty participants.)

So, what are the implications of this?

Imagine increasing the power, efficiency, and effectiveness as much as 10x the speed.

What if you could increase the absorption and effectiveness of nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Omega 3, CoQ10, etc.?

Imagine increasing the effectiveness of your workout by more than 100 times! The workout of your life would take less than 2 minutes!

The point is you almost NEVER see an increase of this proportion in something that is already among the best in the world in its field.

Read these testimonials and think "many times more powerful":

"Dr. Alex Loyd has the defining healing technology in the world today. It will revolutionize health. It is the easiest way to get well and stay well fast. Dr. Loyd may very well be the Albert Schweitzer of our time."
- Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL books

"I'm a professional speaker and the co-author of the Woman's book from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I just spent the day with Dr. Alex Loyd doing The Healing Codes Possessive Advanced Training program. Alex is absolutely dedicated to this knowledge of The Healing Codes. I think it's a cutting edge technology that he has developed and is teaching. I've heard so many people with fantastic, fantastic results. He comes to this program with a fully open heart, with clarity, with authenticity. I am going away inspired to apply The Healing Codes to my own life and to see the great results that I've heard from so many others."
-Marcy Shimoff - Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul


Joe Sugarman (worldwide marketing legend): "Yeah, this is Joe, from
Maui, Hawaii and I¹ve been using The Healing Codes for some time now.
And the first time I started using it, I had a very bad pain in my heel. And I went to the doctor and they said it was a little bit of a bone spur and a few tendons pulled and a few other things. But I had it, or I'd had it at the time for something like 7 or 8 months. So I started doing these Healing Codes and it went away in 3 days and it has not come back. And then since, I've used the program and I've seen a dramatic change in a couple of minor issues, but also emotionally. It seems to have a very good effect emotionally on me. And it's very easy to use. What I particularly like about it is you don't have to depend on anybody else. You can do it yourself, you can heal yourself and I have known many people who have used this and have had similar success. So I'm very enthusiastic about it and wish a great deal of luck to the people who are promoting it."

Melissa Ryan's son, Christopher, is a miracle child, diagnosed with a life threatening Illness at 7 months of age. He survived many experimental treatments over many years when others were not so blessed. (You will read his entire story in your Healing Codes Manual and you will meet Christopher and his Mother on your Testimonial DVD.)

"I am just praising God and I thank Dr. Alex and The Healing Codes. I thank him that he was obedient, that he was asking and seeking and knocking, because I truly believe that the Lord revealed this to Dr. Alex. I truly believe that Dr. Alex is being used to bring hope and healing and wholeness to so many people. My heart today is to share my story with you so that you can find hope and healing and wholeness. Try The Healing Codes. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The Healing Codes is truly an answer to prayer for both of us. We have been praying a very long time for every molecule in Christopher's body to come in alignment with the word of God."

"He is living and he's going to live. I have medical bills here totaling over a million dollars. What a million dollars in medical care could not do for Christopher, The Healing Codes has done for him."
-Melissa Ryan

"As breath is the substance of life, stress is the substance of death. It brings about death little by little. The Healing Codes brings Quantum change in the stress paradigm. It changes stress in a matter of minutes in a scientifically provable and reproducible way, thus eliminating the cause of illness and disease in the body. I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE!"
- Dr. Ben Johnson, M.D., D.O., N.M.D. (Ben was diagnosed with
Lou Gehrig's Disease. After eight weeks of using The Healing Codes there were no longer symptoms nor any laboratory signs of Lou Gehrig's Disease.)

The Heart Transformation Workshop Provides You the Power of Love to the Power of Ten

You will spend two days working on issues of the heart, “heart junk” as Dr. Alex calls it. You will be immersed in the techniques of the healing codes coupled with the power of the Q Codes. The weekend is more than the Q Codes. It is the application of the Q Codes to issues in your life with forty other people’s energy working on them with you. You can not imagine the power that comes with such intensity. Yes, you could learn the Q codes at home once a self study package is released, but you will NEVER get the power that you will get from this weekend. You will NEVER get the chance to really kick the butts of your issues the way you will this weekend. We have seen it work with people getting remarkable results. And you take with You the "Q Codes". They are yours forever.

So, how are the "Q Codes" increasing the results so dramatically?

The simple answer is that they are greatly increasing the amplitude (power) of the codes.

Theoretically, two things are needed to heal anything: Frequency (specificity) and Amplitude (power). The frequency would be like the correct nutrient, tool, or information to accomplish a task. The amplitude is are the needed dosage, muscle strength, or application of the information.

Here's an example that may be easier to understand. Lithotripsy is a relatively new treatment for stones in the body (kidney, gall, etc). To accomplish the task you need both the correct frequency and amplitude. The probe is tuned to the frequency of the stone, but that is only half the task. To get the desired result the volume has to be increased until finally the stone explodes and costly and painful surgery is averted.

If any of you are old enough to remember the old Memorex commercials where Ella Fitzgerald used her magnificent voice to explode a glass, then you have another wonderful example of how this works. First Ella hads to tune her voice to the frequency of the glass, and then pumped up the volume until the glass broke. The correct frequency without the volume will not do the job.

The entire physical universe works on frequencies. That's what E=Mc2 means.

The "Q Codes" allow you to plug the appropriate "Healing Code" (correct specific frequency) into the wall outlet power (so to speak) and break the glass, explode the stone, heal the memory or belief that might not have healed without pumping up the power.

By the way, this is only the main piece of the weekend. Here is a list of several other components of the weekend, some life changing in their own right:

  • Learn the greatest principal in the world that almost nobody knows ­ and how to apply it to any area of your life
  • Bring healing to every issue of your life over the weekend
  • Learn about Power/Results/Programming, where any problem you have comes from and how to fix it
  • Completely heal the source of the biggest problem in your life
  • Experience a Code at many times the power
  • And more.

The "Q Codes" take 20 seconds to do and are taught in-person only! The size of this workshop will be limited, first come first serve.

Twenty Seconds?

Can you imagine the time savings?

Can you imagine being able to easily fit these revolutionary "Q Codes" into your schedule?

Spend an extra minute in the shower.

Start your car. Or park your car. Do a code. Then proceed.

This blows away all time excuses for not taking the time to heal your stress and protect your health.

If you do not agree by the end of the first day that you will benefit from the "Q Codes" every day for the rest of your life, we will refund the entire price of the program.

But it doesn't end there...

That is why the new Heart Transformation Program is just the start of an 8 week process that begins with The Heart Transformation Weekend.

This is what is included in the program:

  • The 2 - day Weekend itself is filled with experiencing The Healing Codes and the QCodes, which is a turbo-charged addition to The Healing Codes.

  • You will get to address and diffuse the most challenging issue of your life then and there.

  • You will use the QCodes to address all 12 categories of the Heart.

  • You will use the QCodes to address the emotional obstacles tied to family and friends, past and present.

But we are excited to let you know that there will be a follow-up and follow-through program that will insure that you continue with the success of the weekend again and again and again.

  • You will receive an 8 week membership of our Monthly Home Circle lead by Dr. Alex Loyd and/or Tom Costello.

  • You will receive a Health/Stress Assessments including Custom Codes. This is a brand new process.

We will not accept everyone. Each application will be subject to an acceptance interview.

Our programs are limited in size to forty people from all the people in the world.

This is an APPLICATION for attendance. Once you have applied, a certified Healing Codes coach will contact you for an interview. After you are selected as an attendee you will receive all of the information about the hotel, room blocks and schedules.

The detailed weekend information will be sent to all approved applicants as soon as they are approved.

WE GET RESULTS - so if it is RESULTS you are after, then register now to discover more about the "Heart Transformation Program Using the Q CODES" today.

Money Back Guarantee – You have until the end of the first day to decide for yourself if you will continue to with amazing program and own it for the rest of your life, or receive a prompt and courteous refund.

Current Dates Confirmed in 2008

Toronto: February 16th & 17th

Reserve Your Seat:

Heart Transformation Weekend One (1) Seat:

Payment One today $500 Reservation Fee

Payment 2 - $1795.00 due February 8th, 2008th

Heart Transformation Weekend Registration Deposit $500

Heart Transformation Weekend Two (2) Seat:

Payment One today $1000 Reservation Fee

Payment 2 - $2790.00 due February 8th, 2008th

Heart Transformation Weekend Registration Deposit $1000


Cancellation Policy: Cancellations more than 30 days before the event will receive a full refund. Cancellations within 30 days up to one week before the event, will receive a refund less a $100 administrative fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations within one week of the event. If cancellation is due to illness or death in the family, participant may apply their course fee to a future workshop.


Live Long, Free & Blessed,
Dr. Alex Loyd & The Healing Codes Family